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About Blagdon IT

Blagdon IT are a specialist IT consultancy based at Coombe Lodge, Blagdon in North Somerset. Established in 2008 and building on decades of industry experience, we serve local and international businesses across Bristol, Bath, Wells, Weston Super Mare, Taunton and beyond.

Everyone just wants an IT system that works. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Whether you're running a small start-up, or a bigger company that calls for a more complex setup, I can help.

I'm Andrew - I set up Blagdon IT over a decade ago and since then we've looked after dozens of different IT setups. We have a relatively small customer base, because we like being part of the team, being approachable.

When you pick up the phone to Blagdon IT, it'll likely be me, or one of my capable colleagues answering. Not a bot, nor customer representative based on a different continent, just us in Blagdon.

The kinds of things we provide include:

  • Cloud-based solutions, and backup and recovery
  • Microsoft 365 apps to manage your business day to day
  • Emails, Teams, Sharepoint - you name it
  • Antivirus guidance
  • Overall security
  • Starlink Satellite Connectivity
  • Multi-site linking

Feel free to give me a call. When I'm not visiting clients, I'm more than happy to have a conversation about your needs, giving you peace of mind for all the IT worries that you may have.

Contact Blagdon IT

Blagdon IT
Coombe Lodge
The Coombe
BS40 7RE

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